Sight Seeing

While at Krish Rauni Resort, go on a sightseeing tour around and discover, Nature!
Maheshwari Temple

Enjoy trekking in the picturesque valley of apple orchards and natural springs. Your destination is an ancient historical Maheshwari Temple, popularly known as Shari Devi Temple, just a few kilometers down the hills from Krish Rauni Resort.

Naag Timi

About 6 km. uphill from Krish Rauni Resort is Naag Timi. It's a vast expanse of natural grasslands surrounded by thick pine forest. You can enjoy a 360 degree view of awesome mountain ranges and valleys. One can trek to Naag Timi.


Drive down to Kufri which is about 20kms from Krishrauni. Enjoy the Yak ride/ Horse ride and various rides in the amusement park. Also have a glimps of wild animals in the zoo. Fun all the way for children.


Sports Authority of India's high altitude sports training center at Shillaroo is a must visit place, just 5 km drive from Krishrauni.

Golf Course

Naldera, only 90 minutes drive from Krish Rauni, is a beautiful 9 hole golf course at a high altitude.

Narkanda and Hatu peak

Narkanda, 15 km. from Krish Rauni Resort, is famous for Peak Hatu and Temple at a height of over 11,000 feet. Witness the 360 degree panoramic veiw of the Great Himalayas. ...Its a ski destination in Himachal (mid Decmber to mid March).

Tannjubbar lake

Also visit natural Tannjubbar lake which is only 5kms from Narkanda. Packed lunch packets and picnic hampers are arranged for you when you go to spend a day out.

Village Walk

walk on meandring path along the lush green fields of cabbage, cauliflower, peas beans, cherry and apple orchards.